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January 07, 2007



You should dedicate this site to all the people in the world who have been plutoed.


Last year, the word “Plutoed” was elected Word of the Year for 2006 by the American Dialect Society. The word has been defined as to “downgrade, demote or remove altogether from a prestigious group or list” by Sutton Hoo on blogspot.com. The term makes statements that are not true about 13430. The shear irrelevance of our own discussions, definitions, and groupings of inanimate objects does not appear to be grounded in logic. As consciousness and self-awareness is not bestowed upon the inanimate, artificial definitions of this cluster of matter have no impact on how 13430 acts, reacts and interacts with other surrounding materials and celestial detritus. The fact that the celestial body does not act or react based upon the removal from said list would indicate that it does not care. If 13430 does not care that it was removed from the “prestigious group or list” of planets, then it seems that demoting it does not affect any reality except for that which is in the mind of the observer.

Definitions are made based upon observations and in this case, the observers are the General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union, and though their word may be “final” in terms of defining these superfluous boundaries, they are still only passive observers. In sum, 13430 does not care what we call it, it is simply a mass of matter being affected by the gravitational pull the sun, which also means that being “Plutoed” is an incorrect term for such a distinguished organization as the American Dialect Society to award the Word of the Year. The term being “Plutoed” connotes the act of caring under the domain of demotion. 13430 clearly does not care what we call it.

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